Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Out Of Two

The long wait was over. Though I did not receive a call from PAFP, a friend informed me that the results of the exams were out. They informed only those who will be conferred Diplomate today, February 17. I was not among them… I passed only the written part. Better than my friend who did not pass any of the two. Out of the more than 450 who took the written part and 300 for the oral part, 121 made it. For my friend, it was over. For me, I will try again next time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cell phone: Not Just for Voice and Text Communications

I thought that cellular phone (cell phone) are just for voice and text communications until I met Andres (not his real name). Andres was brought to the hospital for abdominal pain. He is a special patient because he is deft-mute. I can only understand him through his relatives who interpret his sign language.

One time when I made my rounds, only his wife was with him. The first she did was hand me her cell phone. She is also deft-mute. Written in text message was how Andres feels. So, I wrote my questions and explanations in my phone. Now I look at cell phone in another way, not justfor voice and text messages, but also a writing pad that we carry everyday.