Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Father More Than A Doctor

Last March 28 and 29, I was a father more than a doctor. I made my daily rounds during these 2 days early in the morning for me and my wife to accompany our son in taking his grade school entrance exam.

Our son is homeschooled under the Catholic Filipino Academy during his Nursery, Kindergarten and Preparatory. He is always with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My wife teaches him daily and I substitute whenever my wife is busy.

Actually we are having problems because he doesn’t want to be left behind even only for a second. This is the first time he entered a regular classroom. We were surprised he was brave enough to take the 2-day exam all be himself, with other kids his age, in an unfamiliar classroom, and a teacher he met for the first time.

Tears were about to flow in my eyes seeing my son walk straight to his exam room without looking back. I will remember these days... and one day he will be leaving us to have his own family.

P.S. He took the test not to transfer to a regular school. It is only to access if he is learning in homeschool. For our family, homeschooling is still the best... where the teacher-student ratio is 2:1... where school hours is 24/7.

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